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Courtney and Rosemary – ‘the daughter and mother collab’ behind the brand have been wanting to work on a project for a long time – where they could take their love of fashion, style, statement accessories and showcase something different. Consciously selecting curated pieces from brands they have admired for a long time, means that every brand stocked has a purpose, it is deliberate and will help in the creation of an elevated wardrobe. All too often women don’t have the confidence to wear something out of the comfort zone, this space is designed to show you how we can all embrace a style that empowers, makes you feel ready to face the day and bring power to your street style.

From basic to boujee, school car park to board room, house party to full glam event – Luxe + Street will allow you access to accessories and garments that will make your every day feel like you have resilence in your wardrobe and you’re ready to face whatever the day throws at you. The truth is – trying something new is uncomfortable, awkward and makes you feel unsure – but embracing this process and getting in the game will help you in every part of your life.