It is easy to let your style slip. To lose focus on what your style is and how it can evolve because life gets so damn busy.

Mastering the mundane – or the small daily rituals, is a way we think you can incorporate focus on your style and explore trends that appeal to you. Building solid wardrobe options is key to achieving this.

If you are a denim girl – and it is your daily religion – how can you change that narrative to elevate your favourite wardrobe staple?

The cuts of denim available to us these days are vast – and the different cuts create opportunity for a different vibe. Usually wear skinny or straight? Why not try a flare or wide leg style? This will immediately update your look and bring a new energy to your wardrobe. Paired with a tee and blazer or with an oversized shirt – flared or wide leg denim tells the world you are relevant..

Subtle updates can have a huge impact and saves you from the rinse and repeat trap in your wardrobe. There are some great denim options locally and trying on is the cardinal rule when it comes to a new style, ordering online can be a roll of the dice – for often when you branch into the unknown you need to be open to trying on a few different styles and seeing what works for you. If you are keen to put denim on the backseat this season – then I highly recommend getting into some wide leg pants that you can put on and glow up your pant game. There are so many great options out there for wide legs pants, high waisted – midwaisted, textured to silk to print to vintage. The full immersion of the tailored wider leg pant back into society has been welcomed because it creates more variety and mileage in the wardrobe.

The juxtaposition of the luxe pant with the street and jacket or denim shirt or sweatshirt – creates space for a point of difference for you this season.

Want to know a few of my favourite fashion eateries for this:

1. Ruby
2. Found
3. True Store
4. Shop 9
5. Sisters on London

Locally – between these stores – you can find new style denim, luxe pants with a nod to Sharon Stone in Casino – and best of all, instore stylists that are honest and give a shit about how you feel. This is where shopping experiences are made -so get in there.

Be Luxe
for the Street

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