I am loving how much of a flex tracksuits are bringing to the wardrobe these days. The style and comfort of a tracksuit are at an all time high and most designers are offering some really good options here.

The twin set vibe of a tracksuit may not be what you are into – I do suggest you dive straight in the deep end here but if you cant – then definitely buy one you love then wear it separately until you can let go of the side of the pool.

Covid really was a launch pad for loungewear to be a fashion staple beyond the comfort of your own home. This has now evolved into all the comfortable knits been worn and labelled style. Knitted flares, shorts, bralettes and crops have been integrated into our lives – and although this is a lot more palatable for the younger generators, it is still worth exploring in your own way.

If we take the trackpant or the knitted flare and match it with its other half – that is easy access into a the red carpet area of style meets comfort. But if we are feeling a little more frisky then taking the trackpant or knitted flare with all its comfort and pair it with fine tailoring and sculptural shapes – that would also work quite well, especially during the cooler months. The key here is the layers you chose to work with. Trackpants with a crop and denim shirt worn open underneath a leather jacket is something you could trade with or alternatively, if you want a softer look, but not lose the comfort then the knitted flare with a tee and structured blazer would be another way to have all of the above without compromising. As a lover of heels I always promote what that can do for an outfit but I too always look for comfort, and the selection of sneakers out there provide amazing additions to the outfit of the day as well. My sneak game is a WIP but I am here for it and always appreciate the looks my friends bring with sneakers being the secret sauce.

Take away this- if Uber took out taxis, then tracksuits and loungewear take out lycra and make style go further, so jump in and take the ride xx

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